Whether a team member lives in Colorado, Chicago, Connecticut, or even Slovakia, we are united in our mission to deliver actionable intelligence and support you each step of the way.

Since CareSight’s establishment in 2016, the CareSight team has grown—with each new team member bringing an impressive breadth and depth of specialized knowledge. Our decades of combined experience allow us to provide the specialized technology and personal support you need to meet your improvement initiatives.

Kenny Schiff

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Kenny is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CareSight. A 22-year veteran of the healthcare technology industry, Kenny was previously the Chief Technology Officer at TPC Systems, a Connecticut-based systems integrator, where he developed the company’s healthcare mobility consultancy. During his tenure, his team introduced Vocera, Connexall, and Ascom to New York metropolitan area customers. Prior to that, he spent over seven years at Rauland-Borg, a leading manufacturer of nurse call systems.

A respected expert in hospital communication integration, Kenny believes in providing customers with personalized, high-touch service throughout the entire project lifecycle. His customers and partners consider him a trusted resource, one who can be counted on to successfully implement complex solutions that deliver a positive return on investment.

Renee Sivinski

Vice President of Product Management

Renee Sivinski is Vice President of Product Management at CareSight. She manages software development and implementation of customer projects, including data definition, design services, and query creation necessary for platform deployment. She also oversees the company’s third party consulting projects.

Previously a quality engineer and worldwide senior technical expert at Hyperion, now part of Oracle, Renee is focused on ensuring that CareSight provides customers with the highest-quality reporting and functionality.

Eileen Sullivan, PMP

Director of Operations & Project Management

Eileen Sullivan is CareSight’s Director of Operations & Project Management. Not only does she have over 30 years’ of experience in healthcare administration, but she is also a certified Project Management Professional with over 10 years experience.

Eileen has demonstrated consistent success in all phases of project management. She excels at streamlining processes for better efficiency and cost savings, as well as interfacing with internal and external stakeholders for shared rewards. Eileen is a decisive problem solver, an effective communicator, a critical thinker and a team player.

James Young

User Experience

James Young is an expert user experience researcher and architect. He directs CareSight’s software strategy, bringing an unmatched depth and breadth of knowledge about purposeful user experiences. When paired with big data trends, solution space research, design thinking, and agile methods, his mental model diagrams, opportunity maps, and thinking-style segments organize and activate better support for CareSight’s audience.

James spends significant time each year mentoring students in Human-Computer Interfaces and Ethnography, and he is a user experience subject matter consultant for the Veterans Administration. James has contributed to projects that have won more than 50 awards, including Apple "picks of the day" and "picks of the week." He also holds three patents for user experience systems.

Wojtek Wroblewski

Software Engineer

Wojtek Wroblewski brings more than 27 years of software leadership—managing both large and small teams in the development of enterprise technologies—with a specific focus on healthcare communications technologies. He provides the CareSight team expertise in web applications, middleware, embedded systems, medical devices, and critical communication systems. Additionally, he has provided SDLC management for regulatory (FDA 21 CFR 820.30, ISO 13485, UL, VDE, and HTM) compliance. At Caresight, Wojtek oversees cloud software development, spanning web applications, data transformation, and database driven analytics.

Sara Hefti

Data Services

Sara Hefti ensures CareSight’s client data is complete, clean, optimized, and ready for analysis. Sara works to provide client reports that are accurate and meaningful, and she is continually streamlining processes to provide a superlative customer experience.

Sara has spent the last ten years enthusiastically coding away, designing creative and useful solutions for clients.

Michael Pekarek

Web Application Developer

Michael Pekarek has more than a decade of web development experience and has worked with clients around the globe. He specializes in making the improbable happen by developing custom-tailored solutions for our clients.

Shirleen Dubuque

Customer Support

Shirleen Dubuque’s love for analyzing data and improving processes—plus her strong attention to detail and organization—ensures that CareSight’s customers receive timely and accurate daily, weekly, and/or monthly reports. Customer satisfaction is at the heart all of her decisions.

Shirleen’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her past ownership of a retail business and her recent efforts to form a marketing agency. She is also an active volunteer in her community.

Joanie Rosenbaum


Joanie Rosenbaum brings to CareSight over 25 years experience in financial services. Joanie is involved in all aspects of the company’s financial reporting as well as manages accounts, assists with tax preparation and liaises with senior management team in connection with strategic planning and budgets.

Ms. Rosenbaum began her career and worked for a number of years in the audit field at the firm of Deloitte & Touche, LP, where she obtained her CPA certification. She focused primarily in the financial sector and not-for-profit.

CareSight Advisor

Eric Thorsen

Founder & CEO, ThorTech Solutions

Eric Thorsen is the CEO and founder of ThorTech Solutions, an expert in cloud and high availability computing. Eric has over 25 years in software development and information technology. He specializes in helping businesses transform their IT into a facilitator for business growth.