Become an invaluable partner to your clients by delivering patient care intelligence—powered by CareSight.

Patient Care Analytics

CareSight is a managed service for hospitals—provided through select solutions integrators—that provides clear, concise, and useful information to:

  • Improve patient safety
  • Optimize staffing & operations
  • Drive continuous improvement programs

The CareSight pre-sales team performs a site assessment to capture technical, operational, and business elements. Data is securely extracted and transferred into a private instance in a cloud data center. Our data scientists normalize and correlate raw data into actionable intelligence. Shifting into the operational phase, CareSight becomes a virtual patient care analytics team, working with the alarm committee and nursing management.

“Soon after installing CareSight, we made changes to reduce our overall alarm volume—which led to faster response times and noticeable improvements in nursing morale.”

“We get support calls on deep analytical issues every few months, and we scramble to provide answers. The CareSight team does this all day, every day—so we can just pass calls to CareSight and keep our customers happy.” - Services Manager, Rauland Reseller

Benefits to your Business

CareSight brings decades of experience and solid technology to expand your portfolio of services into the patient care analytics space.

Expand Your Base

CareSight can be brought into any environment, whether or not your company sold the alarm/alert system. Your sales team can call on customers outside of territory boundaries, construction projects, or upgrade cycles.

Easy Renewals

With daily usage by nursing management and patient quality staff, the CareSight service plays a vital part in customers’ operations. The CareSight service renewal is seamless to the customer and creates no extra work for your sales team.

Recurring Revenue

CareSight is a managed service with a recurring billing model. Long after install, we continue to serve the customer—becoming an important part of their operations.

Low Impact

CareSight is fast and minimally invasive in the assessment and bring-up phases for both IT personnel and clinical staff.

Expand Your Bench with a Team of Specialists

CareSight offers more than 14 years of experience in patient care analytics, which leads to:

  • A deep understanding of clinical workflow and the knowledge to turn data into insight (for efficiency and successful completion of initiatives)
  • The ability to securely extract, transform, and normalize multi-source data—a process perfected through CareSight’s relationships with numerous hospitals
  • Unmatched, constantly evolving skill in data presentation and reporting—which allows CareSight to extract the most value from clinical data

Benefits to your Customer

CareSight helps your customers to illuminate and examine environment-wide alarm activity. A typical CareSight implementation delivers these high impact benefits:

Opportunities are exposed to quickly eliminate nuisance alarms and set thresholds to significantly lower alarm volume
Key metrics are tracked to accelerate the progress of Continuous Improvement Programs
Near-real-time reporting of trends and comparisons help to prioritize changes and track the effectiveness of corrective actions
Immediate availability of information allows for timely forensic activities or event-driven investigations.

CareSight helps hospitals to fully understand alarm and nurse call activity so they can focus on improving safety, patient care, and efficiency.

This excerpt from a management report shows short term results on an alarm- reduction initiative:

Unnecessary CODE broadcasts:
reduced by ~89%

Blasts to clinical staff:
reduced by 86%

False alarms to clinical staff:
reduced by 33%

Call volume to RNs:
reduced by 18%

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