Teaching an Old Nurse Call System New Tricks

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You’d be surprised at what your system can do, regardless of the vintage.
A System Installed in 1998 or 2003 Can Still Provide Excellent Data
We are often asked by customers or nurse call integrators whether analytics that is not enriched by ADT (Admission, Discharges, and Transfer), RTLS, or smartphone connectivity is of any real value. To this, we emphatically say, “Absolutely!”
However, that was rarely the case.
Even 1990s-era nurse call systems are capable of storing, sending, and saving information that informs your team about patient-related nurse call events—including room/bed, time, duration (which may be difficult for some older systems), and severity (e.g., level of urgency or priority). The fundamental nurse call mechanics that allow your system to illuminate corridor lights and create audible tones and notification turns out to be a foundation for the understanding of patient and staff interactivity.
Click here to discover four valuable initiatives (Patient Safety, Alarm Fatigue and False Alarms, Improve Staff Response Time, and Staff Performance) and the data points that can be harvested from varying vintage systems.

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