Improving Outcomes Via Integrated Accountability

How to Deliver Meaningful, Correlated Analytics Through Nurse Call, RTLS, Workflow, & Mobile Voice/Messaging Applications

In the world of healthcare today, accountability is paramount. Yet, when it comes to the delivery of an accountable framework that brings point-of-care technologies together with caregiver activities, health systems are confronted with the complicated web of existing, diverse systems—but reporting needs are analogous. 

The fusion of core applications such as nurse call, RTLS, workflow engines, and mobile messaging/voice applications show elements of the full workflow blueprint; however, conventional integration omits critical performance details. It can be impossible to see the full workflow arc.

weaves data from these systems into a tapestry where event data from multiple sources are brought together at the event level, but also at a pure database level. While we may be initially tasked with providing a layer on top of an existing event-producing system, meaningful holistic results sets are within our reach because of our focus on the bigger picture.

Here are the core foundations of our approach.


Kenny Schiff is the Founder and CEO of CareSight. A 20-year veteran of the healthcare technology business, Kenny is considered by his customers and peers to be a no-nonsense, trusted resource who can be counted on to deliver complex solutions with high impact. In 2003, his team pioneered the offering of managed services to clinical communications customers. Visionary always, but never afraid to be hands-on, CareSight is a great creative platform for Kenny’s entrepreneurial and technical passions.