CareSight provides a comprehensive view of healthcare organizations' entire alarm/alert environment—enabling them to streamline operations, reduce risk, and improve patient care.

CareSight “Delivers Actionable Intelligence” by unifying and delivering a visual interpretation of the entire alarm environment, which can be customized to offer any number of views. With readily-available insight, nursing and hospital management can confidently make small (or large) changes to achieve the greatest possible impact.

Technology…Plus a Team

CareSight is a managed service. We don’t just install software and leave you to it—we stick around to make sure you are getting the most out of your CareSight investment. Our experienced team helps your alarm committee and/or key staff members achieve ongoing improvement initiatives—whenever and however you need the assistance.

When your team needs a little help, we’re just a call or email away. Our mission is to give you the tools, data, and ongoing support to improve overall patient care.

We call it “Smooshing”

Multi-data source integration

Smooshing is the art and science of aligning raw data from different systems into a single coherent, usable body of data that can be easily manipulated to extract meaningful information. By combining data from multiple sources and presenting it to you in a customizable tool, we put the power in your hands to continuously drive improvement.

The Challenges in Doing It Yourself

Off the shelf visual analytics packages do a nice job of making data look good...but behind those pretty graphs is a lot of work, a lot of technology challenges, and a lot of mistakes along the way. Starting from zero is courageous, but there are a lot of program risks and unknowns involved.

CareSight specializes in one thing—delivering actionable insight from all of the data trapped in patient monitoring, nurse call, and other patient care modalities. We’ve perfected the science of extracting, transforming, normalizing, and displaying data from a wide range of technologies. CareSight accelerates your time to value, reduces workload on your team, and delivers an effective solution that continues to benefit from our cross-industry expertise.

Don’t Work in the Dark

CareSight naturally becomes a core management tool for all things patient care. When people can’t access their portal, they feel like someone turned off the lights. Comprehensive, near-instantaneous visibility to their alarm environment becomes an essential tool in running their operations.

CareSight Enables Data-Driven Decisions

Visualize Your Data

What do you need to know? What do you need to track? Our customers are always surprised to discover how much information exists in the organization's databases—and how much of the data is left out of the big picture. With CareSight, all of this information is available in a consolidated, unified view.

Big Picture Context

Data without context just leads to more questions. CareSight illuminates the whole picture to help management understand everything happening around specified time periods, rooms, units, or individuals.

Make Confident Decisions

Making decisions on assumptions is risky. The CareSight Portal presents supporting information and concrete data from before/after scenarios offering an unmatched level of confidence in the decision making process.