"Hospitals need simple ways to extract, combine and analyze disparate data sources, especially concerning alarms and internal communications systems." — Kenny Schiff, Founder

Our Mission

Our mission is to break down the barriers between technology platforms and organizational silos in hospitals. We put easy-to-use, actionable analytics in the hands of healthcare professionals so they can work more efficiently and effectively. We combine technology and an experienced team to provide a comprehensive, multi-source view of the alarm activity in your environment. CareSight gives you the information you need to confidently execute data-driven improvements.

Our Specializations

Clinical Workflow

CareSight brings decades of experience in nursing management and clinical workflow to help your team clarify objectives. Your requirements help create portal/report designs specific to your organization’s needs.

Hospital Initiatives

We’ve helped many organizations more clearly view the data of their operations, resulting in informed decisions and meaningful results in targeted initiatives.

Information Architecture

You are crucial to the successful implementation of your roles-based portal. We work closely with you to custom design your experience so all users can easily use the system.

Secure Data Extension / Transformation

We’ve participated in many security assessments and penetration tests—and our technology has passed with flying colors. Your data is secured before leaving your premises and remains secure all the way to the generation of portal screens and reports.

Fast Time to Value

With parameters in hand, our process-driven team efficiently and quickly launches your solution. A fast execution allows nursing management and other key users to quickly extract the most value out of the solution.