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Ten Ways to Make Your Alarm Analytics Count

Whether you are doing due diligence for alarm management, new patient monitors, nurse call, or mobile voice, trying to best leverage existing systems, or creating your own reporting tools, this guide will help you optimize your data reporting and analytics.

It’s Hard to Know What You Don’t Know

Nursing generates massive amounts of information. Within this constant data flow are crucial insights that can be used to improve quality, reduce risk, optimize processes, research incidents and much more. The problem many hospitals face is turning that information into simple, easy to understand actionable data

Transform Raw Alarms into Actionable Big Data

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T2 CareSight, a secure cloud-based patient care intelligence platform, consumes information from virtually any system or device and empowers clinical, quality, risk and administrative managers with data they want to see, when they want to see it.

The Right Data Any Time


CareSight can push analytic objects directly to managers and leadership via email (e.g. inline HTML or PDF, Excel, etc…) on a predefined schedule (by shift, daily, weekly, monthly, etc…) requiring no user intervention at all.

Rapid Deployment


CareSight is powered by a secure cloud-based patient care intelligence platform. The result is rapid deployment without draining scarce IT resources. The CareSight team works with you to define the data, filters and presentation preferences that best highlight the key information you want, when you want it.

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About us

Developed by Connecticut-based T2 Technical Services, CareSight is the culmination of 12-years of ongoing work with customers on clinical alarm integration, mobile communications, and nursing analytics. CareSight’s mission is to break down the barriers between technology platforms and organizational silos, placing easy-to-use actionable analytics in the hands of care managers, patient experience executives, quality and risk professionals, and hospital leadership. Led by healthcare industry veterans Kenny Schiff and Bill Sterling, CareSight leverages their many years of experience with hospital customers and their work at (and with) Rauland-Borg, Vocera Communications, Ascom, Connexall, and Extension Healthcare.


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